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Idaho Veterans Recognition Fund

The Idaho Veterans Recognition Fund is a grant program that allocates funds solely to benefit veterans in Idaho, with priority given to activities that serve disabled veterans. The Idaho Veterans Recognition Fund is subject to appropriation by the legislature.

The Idaho Division of Veterans Services will be accepting applications for the FY2020 Veterans Recognition Fund Grant Allocation  until May 1, 2018.

Note: The State of Idaho's Fiscal Year runs from July 1 through June 30.

The Veterans Recognition Fund was established by Idaho Statute, Section 65-702, Idaho Code, to fund programs that support the service of Idaho veterans of the armed forces of the United States.

The Division's policy is to fund programs operated both within and outside state and local government, which solely benefits veterans in Idaho. Priority will be given to activities that serve disabled veterans, as well as those that will serve the greatest number of veterans, and for which there is no other source of funding. Veterans Recognition Fund grants are not provided to support the basic needs of individual veterans or their families. The Division will refer applicants for grants to support the needs of individuals to the Veterans Services Emergency Relief Program.

Individuals, organizations, and governmental entities, including bureaus of the Division, may submit applications for funding from the Program.

Any purpose meeting the objective of supporting veterans of the armed forces of the United States and not explicitly excluded is eligible for consideration to receive a grant under the Program. Eligible activities and costs include:

  • Programs to inform veterans and the public of services and programs for veterans, including programs offered by the Division.
  • Programs that may fill gaps in services.
  • Programs providing career training to veterans, including programs providing educational scholarships.
  • Programs providing training to individuals and organizations supporting veterans, including employees of public and private organizations assisting veterans  with healthcare, education, and assistance in obtaining public benefits.
  • The acquisition of equipment supporting the health, rehabilitation, or recreational activities of veterans.
  • Programs providing social, health, rehabilitation, or recreational activities or care to veterans.

Grants shall not be used for political, lobbying, religious, or illegal activities. Ineligible activities include:

  • Advocacy on behalf of individual applicants for public benefits.
  • The provision of educational information to public officials concerning the needs of veterans that does not advocate for or support specific legislative proposals.

All grant recipients shall comply with applicable law in the conduct of programs supported by a Program grant. Public entities and employees receiving or administering grant funds shall comply with the ethics, personnel, bidding, and accounting requirements generally applicable to the entity or individual. Unless specifically provided in the grant, no official or officer of a grant recipient, individual grant recipient, or family member of an official or officer of a grant recipient or family member of an individual grant recipient shall personally profit financially from a Program grant.

Applicants will submit grant proposals using the Veterans Recognition Fund Grant Application attached.

IDVS staff and the Administrator will review proposals for completeness and compliance with these rules and will make recommendations for awards to the Idaho Veterans Recognition Fund Committee. The Committee will evaluate grant proposals annually during a meeting to be held in conjunction with the April meeting of the Idaho Veterans Affairs Commission. The Committee will provide their recommendations and prioritization to the Administrator, who will include them in the annual Division budget request to the Governor. Grant funds approved during the budget process will be paid to grant applicants by the division after the beginning of the fiscal year for which it was budgeted.

The Committee may establish conditions or requirements for the expenditure of grant funds in a written agreement between the Committee, the Division, and the grant recipient. Conditions and requirements may include:

  • The provision of matching funds from the grant recipient.
  • The issuance of grant funds on a cost reimbursement basis.
  • The submission of status and final reports.
  • A completion date for the project of program.
  • Bidding requirements for the expenditure of grant funds.
  • Publication of credit to a grant from the Veterans Recognition Fund.
  • A written accounting of the use of grant funds and copies of all receipts associated with the expenditure of grant funds.

Grant funding may be terminated by the Committee at any time, for the use of grant funds in violation of these rules, the terms of the grant, or violation of any applicable law. Upon receipt of a written notice of termination, the grantee will immediately cease all expenditures of grant funds and return all unspent grant funds. The Committee may require a written accounting of the use of grant funds upon the termination of funding and may deny payment for costs claimed by the grant recipient and not substantiated by written documentation.

If you feel your program meets the criteria above and you would like to apply for a Veterans Recognition Fund grant, please complete the attached application and

mail to: Idaho Division of Veterans Services, 351 Collins Road, Boise, Idaho 83702

or fax: 208-780-1301

Again, thank you for your interest in the Veterans Recognition Fund grant program. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Idaho Division of Veterans Services at 208-780-1300

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