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We believe the investment you and the nation made in your military training is valuable to our community and we pledge to help you transition those skills into productive civilian employment.  You are an important asset to our community. Let us help you make Idaho a better place.

Idaho Department of Labor

If you are a veteran, you have earned Idaho State employment benefits and services for yourself and potentially for your family.

Local Veterans Employment Representative

LVERs are state employees located in state employment offices to provide employment assistance to Idaho veterans.

Job Fairs and Workshops

Calendar view of job fairs and workshop that can be filtered by region, local office, and category.

IDVS Employment Opportunities

Current Open Positions in the Idaho Division of Veterans Services. Join our team in caring for America’s Heroes. It’s not just a job – it’s an Honor!

Idaho Works

Career Counseling, Resume Building, and other job seeking resources.

Mission43 – Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA in Idaho assists military, veterans, & military spouses excel in their transition to their next career.

Public Employee Veterans Hiring Preference (State of Idaho)

Veterans hiring preference closely mirrors the rules within the Federal Government. Specific Information can be found in Idaho Statute Title 65, Chapter 5.

General Information

Idaho Law requires public-sector employers provide Veterans preference points for individuals who have been in active service, other than active duty for training, have been discharged honorably, & who have a present service connected disability of 10% or more, or are a Purple Heart recipient when they apply for public sector jobs. Veterans preference points are added to the final passing score & may improve a Veterans position on a list of qualified candidates. The preference points added are used only for initial appointment & not for promotions, transfers, or reassignments. Veterans preference requires public employers to provide additional consideration for eligible Veterans, but it does not guarantee the Veteran a job.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible for Veterans preference points you must have been discharged under honorable or general conditions after at least 180 days of service, be a disabled veteran, purple heart recipient OR are the spouse, widow, or widower of an honorably discharged preference-eligible veterans claiming preference. Veterans preference points are available on the initial hire only.

A DD-214 may be requested to verify a Veteran’s status at the time of appointment.

Preference Points & Applicability

5 Points.  Preference eligible Veterans discharged under honorable conditions, or the widow or widower of a preference eligible Veteran, as long as she or he remains unmarried, are eligible for five (5) preference points.

10 Points.  Disabled Veterans are defined as any individual who has served on active duty in the armed services at any time, who has been discharged under honorable conditions, & who has a present service connected disability of 10% or more or are Purple Heart recipients. They are eligible for 10 points that will be added to the earned rating & shall be placed on the register in accordance with their augmented rating. Widows or widowers of any disabled Veteran or Purple Heart recipient honorably discharged may also claim the 10 points if he or she remains unmarried. Spouses of disabled Veterans may claim preference if the Veteran is unable to qualify for any public employment because of a service-connected disability.

10 points with offer of interview: Disabled Veterans discharged under honorable conditions who served on active duty in the armed forces at any time & who have a service connected disability of 30% or more shall be offered an interview if they are one (1) of the top twenty-five (25) qualified applicants. Widows or widowers of any disabled Veteran may also claim the 10 points if he or she remains unmarried — however they will not be guaranteed an interview if he or she is one (1) of the top twenty-five (25) qualified applicants.

A DD-214 may be requested to verify a Veteran’s status at the time of appointment

Reference Idaho Code, Title 65, Chapter 5, Section 502 & Section 503.

Veterans Requesting to Open a Register:

Disabled Veterans: May be eligible to open a closed announcement for a position with an agencey of the State of Idaho for which a register is maintained.

Other Veterans: Veterans within 120 days of discharge may also be eligible to open a closed announcement for which there is an active register.

Department of Labor Veteran Services

OPM Veterans Employment Initiative (Federal)

The Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has excellent information regarding Federal Veterans Employment Initiatives including information about special veterans hiring authority and veterans preference.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Ex-Service Members

As an ex-service member, it is your right to file for unemployment insurance benefits after you are released from military services. You may establish a valid unemployment insurance claim based on your military service if you completed your first full term of service and your separation was under honorable conditions. Under certain situations, a valid unemployment insurance claim may be established even if you have not completed your first full term of service. Eligibility will depend upon the reason you were separated from military service. Call a representative at (208) 332-8942, who can provide additional eligibility information.  You must file a claim online at

Idaho State University – Veteran to Nurse Program

The Veteran to Nurse program cohort option is an extension of the already-existing Practical Nursing program within the College of Technology. This program recognizes and awards credit for previous healthcare knowledge and experience gained by military veterans, and offers a veteran-friendly cohort-based bridge curriculum that will accelerate a veteran’s progress to a nursing credential.

Vet – to – LEO Veteran to Law Enforcement Officer Employment Initiative

Vet-to-LEO is an Idaho-based dedicated resource website committed to assisting those transitioning from military service, including active National Guard and reserve personnel, as well as honorably separated veterans, in pursuing careers in law enforcement. Their services are offered completely free of charge for veterans. For more information visit

Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program

Are you a veteran who has been in jail/incarcerated?

Have you been released within the last 12 months?

You may be eligible for services under the Incarcerated Veterans’ Transition Program.

Potential services include:

  • Classroom training
  • On-the-job-training
  • Occupational skills training
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Upgrade and retraining
  • Funding for work clothing and boots
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Rent

To inquire about potential eligibility, find your nearest American Job Center at and ask to speak with a veterans’ representative. You can also find your nearest Idaho Department of Labor Veteran Representative in the attachment below.

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