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Idaho Military License Plate Applications

All license plates and registration information can be obtained at:  Idaho DMV Online Services

The following Veterans Specialty Licenses Plates are available through the Idaho Department of Transportation:

Application For Military Standard License Plates – ITD Form 3682

  • Branch of Service (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard)
  • Choice of Veteran (no conflict designation); World War II; Korea; Vietnam; Persian Gulf; Afghanistan/Iraq (post 9/11/01 service)

Application for Disability Veteran or Disability Purple Heart Plates – ITD Form 3397

Application For Military Specialty License Plates – ITD Form 3587

Gold Star License Plates are available for spouses, parents, and other immediate family members of military service members killed during active military service in a period of war recognized by the United States Congress. Surviving spouses and parents of deceased service members will not pay the specialty plate fees for gold star plates. A portion of the fees paid by other qualifying relatives will be used to defray the costs of administering the issuance of the plates at the Department of Transportation and the Division of Veterans Services. Any remaining fees will be used to provide support programs for veterans.

In order to verify the proper family relationship exists, applicants must provide documentation identifying the veteran and the relationship. Documentation may include: copy of marriage licenses, copy of birth certificate, DD Form 1300, Notification of Death, or Death Certificate. Please attach a copy of verification documentation.

* For Prisoner of War or Medal of Honor recipients – contact ITD/Special Plates at (208) 334-8649 for application instructions.

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