Fire Protection and Suppression Testing and Inspection to include Fire Panel Services and Maintenance – Idaho State Veterans Home – Post Falls Idaho

Tuesday June 13, 2023

The State of Idaho, Division of Veterans Services will receive informal bids for the services identified below until 5:00pm MST on June 28, 2023. Bidders must submit bids on the Contractor's Informal Bid form or submit a bid that is clear, concise and contains all the information required by this Request for Informal Bids and the Contractor's Informal Bid form. All bids must be signed by a person authorized to bind the bidder, all documents require public notary must be signed and notarized and submitted with your bid. The Division of Veterans Services will accept informal bids received by the Division of Veterans Services at 351 Collins Road, Boise ID 83702, vendors may also email bids with all supporting documents to on or before the above date and time. The Division of Veterans Services will not accept facsimile transmission of bids.

  1. Services. The services shall include labor and materials required to perform Fire Panel Maintenance and Repair services at the Idaho State Veterans Home - Post Falls. The worksite for the services shall are listed in the Scope of Work attached in this solicitation. The term of the service agreement will be one (1) year from the execution of the Division of Veterans Services' Public Works Contract. The Division may extend the contract upon written notice to the Contractor for two (2) additional one (1) year renewal periods. The costs proposed in the bidder's Informal Bid shall be binding for the initial one (1) year period and for the additional renewal periods, if exercised by the Division. The successful bidder must hold in good standing all licenses required to perform such services.
  2. Site Visits. The Division of Veterans Services will allow visits of the project site as follows. Bidders may schedule an on-site visit by contacting the designated individual identified below:

Questions regarding this solicitation must be directed to Danny Arnold at 208-780-1326.

Fire System - Contractor Informal Bid

Drug Free Affidavit

Taxes Affidavit


Updated Request for Informal Bids -Public Work On call services